Sustaining Vs. Disruptive Tech

  • What are they?
  • There pros and cons?
  • Who they affect

Sustaining tech is tech that has improved from a different tech and evolved over the years. A pro that it has is that it is able to help out the commutate in times of need like when covid hit. A con that it has is that the companies that the other companies go off of are no longer working. A company’s that the sustaining tech effects are Amazon and Netflix.

Disruptive tech is tech that has negatively affects us and can not help us be productive. A con that this tech has is on us is that it can change the way that we act or the way that we talk to people. Another con that it has on us is that it can show a difference in the way that we make friends and love our families.

How AI is impacting us Today

People that are being impacted by the AI are truck drivers, Cashiers, Human serves, food drive givers, and other people that normally help other people out. Another way that we are being impacted is that when we are creating more and more tech there will be no more jobs available for us to do. With more tech in the near future, the impact that it will have on society will destroy the people of Earth or it will help the people of Earth prosper.

Digital Thinkers: Experiments Of A Futurist


The job of an artist to me is that they make and build objects and structures that have beauty and no real reason for it and it allows us to see and feel the beauty and inspiration that it gives off. Augmented Artists

Augmented Artists:

  • Adding code to different types of art like dance, art, and show.
  • Added a game to VR to help people with their creative side
  • Using augmented reality to help people out acrose the world

Top Emerging Technologies

Date: 3/25/2021 3:33 pm

Here are the 10 evolving tech that I think:

  • New wearable tech of the future
  • New and updating cars
  • AI taking over
  • Improving our flight systems
  • Space travel
  • Video Games taking over
  • Phone and video calls becoming more popular
  • Online money and savings accounts
  • Communicating with others through Snapchat or tik-tok
  • Drones becoming more popular to use

My top three picks from this are:

  • New wearable tech of the future: this is tech that is worn like a watch or glasses that can enhance many different things like the health care that we get, the education that we are using, how our law is using them, and the way we use them for our manufacturing purpose. My Information
  • New and updating cars: now cars are able to drive on their own and they can provide us to not crash more often. From this site, I read that self-driving cars are more likely to prevent an accident from happening to us than one that would happen to us if a human was driving the car. Another thing that I learned was that the company Waymo is trying to put out self-driving cars so that we don’t get into crashes more often.
  • Drones becoming more popular to use: soon most of the drones will have weapons and can become hard to see to us. Drones to us could be used as a delivery system that will change the way we get our packages a lot faster and a lot easier.

City of the Future

Date 3/25/2021

I think that in the future we will be able to go to other planets, meet alien life forms, go through time and space, and we’ll be able to colonize new and undiscovered planets. In the future, I would think that there will be self-driving cars and houses that can float in the sky. I think that the tech in the future will allow us to time travel like they did in back to the future and go through space like they did in Star Wars. in the future we will be able to discover new places to live and new life that we have never seen before.

My Backgrounds and Connections to Technology

My knowledge of technology is that I am learning how to code and I’m a person who loves to play video games most of the time. Disruptive tech affects me by keeping me distracted from doing my work/stops me from focusing on the task that I have at hand. A way that it might impact me in life is by it allowing me to get a job that would go to my personality. One way that it might impact my job is that I might improve something or do coding to create a game. There is not really an ethical issue that I’m aware of with disruptive tech.